Sadly the 2018 season is over.  We will have more ready Summer 2019. Please check back with us then!


Along with our sweet corn, we also grow Butterbeans (also known as Lima Beans), Dixie Lee Peas, and Pinkeye Purple Hull Peas.  We sell both our peas and butterbeans by the bushel, however we will be more than happy to customize orders!  It is always nice to freeze fresh summer produce and enjoy it in the winter. But we understand that you're busy and sometimes life gets in the way. That’s why we’re happy to do all the hard work for you!  

Sullivan Farms Butterbeans


Sometimes called Lima Beans, Butterbeans taste sweet and delicious and are packed with nutritional value. Butter Beans taste great on their own or combined with corn and green beans. You can even add some to minestrone soup or casserole! 

Shelled: $36.00 (8 lbs to the bushel) 

Sullivan Farms Dixie Lee Peas

Dixie Lee Peas

A southern favorite, these medium-size peas takes on a brown color, with a dark gravy and distinctive flavor.

Shelled: $29.00 (8 lbs to the bushel)

Sullivan Farms Purple Hull Peas

Purple Hull Peas

Purple hull peas should be a staple in every kitchen! Throw them in with a ham or simmer the peas with chicken or vegetable broth and a bit of fresh thyme instead. Add rice, cornbread, and two shots of hot sauce and you have a meal!

Shelled: $29.00 (8 lbs to the bushel)